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Here’s a surprising fact: Did you know that 65% of Seventh-day Adventist young people attend secular colleges or universities? Studying at a secular college or university presents challenges to a student’s faith. Being at college may be his or her first time making decisions of their own, without mom and dad there to guide them. University studies are stressful, and social pressures are strong. The Ohio Conference has long hoped to minister to students—Seventh-day Adventists and others—on secular campuses. In September, we started a pilot program to place chaplains at three of our state’s universities: Ohio University in Athens, The Ohio State University in Columbus, and Wright State University in Dayton. Here are some of their experiences.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

And That's a Wrap!

So this post is long overdue! As I am sure the other ACF chaplains can attest to, Fall Quarter 2011 seemed to slip right by us. We meant to give updates as to the happenings of ACF this past fall, but all of a sudden, we realized were in our second week of winter quarter. But hey, better late than never, right? :)

So here's a summary of the exciting things we did this past fall:

1) Back-2-School BBQ Bash: OU ACF had our annual bbq to welcome back the students from summer vacation. In addition to Darrin's island bbq recipe and other delicious treats, we also had fun playing games, including volleyball, sack races, three legged races, etc..

2) ACF Spiritual Fall Retreat: This year OU ACF hosted a fall spiritual retreat for our students... A time to detach from our "lives" and reflect on God's presence in our past, present, and future. Although small in number, we enjoyed quiet time and fellowship with one another.

3) ENGAGE Conference: This quarter, Ohio Conference sponsored a state-wide conference for all the ACF chapters around Ohio. Represented by different schools, including Ashland University, Ohio State University, Ohio University, Wright State University, and University of Akron, students and chaplains enjoyed a weekend of fellowship, community service, praise & worship, and workshops. Over the three day conference, we focused on how students in ACF could Engage God, themselves, and their campuses. For pictures, visit the Ohio Conference ACF Facebook group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/195172500573592/

4) ACF Fall Festival: In celebration of fall, OU ACF hosted our first "Fall Festival" :) It was quite the night to remember with people decked out in their "cowboy" outfits, an early Thanksgiving meal, a sing-along to classic hymns and country folk songs, and some contra dancing! A great event with over forty people in attendance!

5) Angel Tree Service Project: What a better way to finish the quarter and year off than with serving others. A group of students and chaplains from Ohio University, Wright State University, and Ohio State University drove down to Maryland and participated in the Salvation Army's annual Angel Tree project, a project which serves over 2,500 families during the Christmas season, providing Christmas gifts for children, who normally, would be unable to receive gifts due to financial hardships. In addition to sorting and organizing gifts at the Salvation Army warehouse (over 3,000 gifts!), we also volunteered our time to the Filipino Capitol SDA church in which we assisted in painting three of their church rooms. What a blessing it was to serve! Check out the Ohio Conference Facebook group for pictures of this event. https://www.facebook.com/groups/195172500573592/

And, that's a wrap! Hopefully, we'll be better of keeping you informed about the happenings of winter quarter. Happy New Year everyone! May this year be full of great memories and happiness, but most of all, full of God's presence in your lives :)

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

ACF at The OSU Involvement Fair 2011

Welcome to Involvement Fair 2011 where all student groups go to solicit new recruits at the beginning of each quarter. This year we were rained out. Usually this massive entanglement of chaos takes place where the air is fresh(er) and the sun is shining.

Finding the specific group you are looking for can be a rather challenging task. Fortunately, we are grouped according to types.

There we are!

Do you know what a Seventh-day Adventist is? We are... Christians, Trinitarians, Premillenialists, Sabbatarians, Monists, Annihilationists. Ya, those are a lot of big words. Do you have a moment and we can break it down?

Do you enjoy great music? We are having a concert this Friday, September 23 in Hitchcock 131 from 7-9 pm. All are welcome! (That includes those reading this blog!) There will be great Gospel and Accapella music.

Students, leaders, and those who didn't even have to be there enjoyed rubbing shoulders with
many faith groups and telling all What (or Who) are Seventh-day Adventists.

Some faces were friends we had made in classes and being around campus, some were Adventists hoping to find the name among the student groups, and plenty were just curious.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

"Do the U"

Do the U is a time for organizations to set up booths and share what their org is about to all the Freshmen students during Freshmen orientation week! We had lots of fun and met some great people! With the hustle and bustle of over 3000 students running around. We had a fun time!!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Ohio University Involvement Fair

This year, Ohio University ACF kicked off the school year in a good way! On September 5, ACF participated in OU's annual involvement fair. We prayed that God would lead students to our table who we could minister to and, as always, God came through! To our surprise, many students stopped by at our table, curious as to what our group was about, some even mentioning that they were looking for a Christian group to be part of. We even ran out of flyers! Praise God for His faithfulness!!! Thanks to all the students who helped make the fair a success. We look forward to our next event, the Back-2-School BBQ Bash on Sept. 11, and we continue to solicit your prayers about this ministry!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Ladies Night!

A bunch of the Wright State ladies came over for a nice dinner at Cheesecake Factory, a fun time of Dance CONNECT, games, junk food, and movie night. We ended the night with a sleep over in my living room and woke up in the morning to some amazing waffles! It was a wonderful time to fellowship with other Christian woman and have some bonding time. :)

Monday, June 20, 2011

Committed Concert!

Had a wonderful night with a bunch of WSU students at the Committed Concert(a group from the show the Sing-off) They were wonderful and a group of 10 of us had a great time being able to fellowship with one another. Afterwards we all went and grabbed a bite to eat at Waffle House and had a wonderful conversation on the importance of relationships with other fellow Christians in order to Grow in Christ.

Monday, May 23, 2011

ACF Potluck!

We had an awesome fun Potluck on Sabbath this last week. With about 10 students that came over after church, I opened my house to them to relax... have some great Haystacks that each student participated in bringing something and enjoying eachother's company on a Sabbath afternoon. My roomy even broke out the guitar for a couple songs. It was a wonderful afternoon!